About MrsHTTP

Hey Hey, I’m Helen. I’m a nearly 40plus blogger (age doesn’t matter right!?), but I’m as young as the person I feel and I have a toy boy in my other half. 😉 Above is a competition entry, I love entering competitions and you can find and follow my twitter to see the Twitter competition I enter: MrsHelenTp.

I’m trying to get through life being a good Wifey to my techy, work obsessed husband, Mummy to my 8 year old black widow loving daughter and 4 year old automobile fanatic son.

I enjoy being able to serve my community and  help others, I run 2 parental whatsapp groups to help the other mummies in my year to keep informed and organised. I also volunteer at a charity shop (Mind) which helps to aid in my weekly charity shop bargains. I intend on writing on this blog about my life, my children and hacks that I have done that make life more manageable. We go on lots of fun adventures and explorations and so we will be taking all of you with us to them too.

We have three adorable pet rats, that not only are they cute and affectionate but they also give me comfort with my anxiety. I waited quite a while to get my pet rats but after chemo and much decluttering so I could fit in a cage, my partner finally agreed. And now here they are, Tizzie, Toothless and Eeva.

 Things have been hard, but they are getting better every day. 💝 Welcome to reading about my life, joining in with my thoughts and sharing our adventures.

Una vida con miedo es como la vida medias.
A life lived in fear is a life half-lived.