The start of a new beginning

The start of a new beginning


Hello everyone, and yes I know it has been a while since I have been on, but there is a reason for this. I set up this blog and I was so excited for its progression. And then life got in the way. My son and very likely my daughter are on the spectrum and so we have been helping and learning to settle and cope with their changes.

Another big change that occurred is that I was diagnosed with Bowel cancer, it was a huge shock because of my young age but it just shows that saying it is a elderly persons cancer is wrong. I underwent an operation for removal and also did my stint of chemotherapy. Happy to say that I am now on the mend and am part of an aspirin trial to see if there is any correlation between taking aspirin and keeping cancer away.

Alas, My cancer card has been used although in theory it is 12 months until the end of the point of my chemo and I am still really fatigued, but My smallest child is aging into being a full day education child from the end of this year and I am back on my little part of the internet to share my life and wordly findings with you.