Sleepy Paws Pyramid Bed

Sleepy Paws Pyramid Bed

When I was recently shopping at the range, something compelled me to picking up their catalogue, I can only assume that it was my fear of missing out a bargain! And I was completely right as when I turned the pages I stumbled across this much needed item!

With over 70% off at an amazing £4.99 I felt my ratties would appreciate having this cuddly and machine washable, squishy bed when they are free roaming in their play pen.

Best Features:

  • Removable cushion for ease of washing
  • Cushioned interior
  • Soft faux suede material
  • Easy to wash clean


  • Height: 43cm
  • Width: 40cm
  • Depth: 40cm
  • Material: Faux suede

There are a variety of colours to choose from, 5 to be exact. Blue, Pink, Green, Green Camo and my chosen purple. The bed felt so soft and the fact that it is machine washable strokes and calms my OCD tendencies.

To see more have a look at the ranges website: Sleepy Paws Pyramid Bed.