Eggciting Easter Asda Adventure

This holiday started with an eggciting Easter adventure with Asda. I had needed to get a few extra bits in for the holiday break and knew that on Saturday they had organised a treasure hunt for children to take part in,  so planned to arrive whilst this was on.

When we visited the  store we were greeted by a kind approachable lady asking if we would like to take part. I don’t know who was more excited my daughter or me! There were 2 options for the treasure hunt -Firstly we could download Zappar -an augmented reality app (which as I’d read about in advance on the Asda News site, so I had already downloaded it for free from the play store), or for those not using the app a version of the hunt was available by using a clue sheet and wearing red tinted glasses to reveal the answers.

At this point my little man was content with nibbling on a rice cake and not too to bothered by what was happening; so I didn’t show him the phone to see what awesomeness was about to happen. I opened the app for my daughter, pointed it at the brightly coloured floor mat and waited… But not for long as a brightly coloured 3D bunny jumped out of the floor and told us the first clue. I was bowled over by how clever and “in this world” the character appeared to be and Phoebe was hypnotised! Augmented reality is a brilliant concept as well as being very cleverly utilised to make this so different and special for children as well as adults too.


We then went on the hunt around the store, my daughter solving the clues and leading the way to find the next lifelike character. There was a chick, sheep and another bunny to find around the store. We had a great time investigating, problem solving, watching and listening. We even had the option to take photos or even make a video with the characters to keep, which was a great idea though a little tricky at times to guide PJ to sit next to the character and not end up with it in her lap. At the end my daughter very proudly took her completed answer sheet to hand in and claim her prize.


We were over the moon to get an Easter activity book what has been perfect to keep her entertained whilst off school on the rainy days and quiet moments. It was full of great things to do including a word search, dot to dot, colouring and much more. She also got a special pink bunny mask. It was magical too as by using the Zappar code on the back we could give anybody wearing it the appearance of having a 3D bunny face. This is still providing lots of fun even now!   We then got our shopping done with little man still nibbling rice cakes and 2 very happy bunnies.


Alas I didn’t quite remember everything on my list that day but Asda had another treat in store for us when we returned on Sunday- not only did PJ get to decorate a butterfly biscuit with sprinkles and fairy dust, she also got to try a free egg grabbing machine machine to win some Cadbury’s goodies. There was the chance to win a family trip to Cadbury’s world, which I’m sad to say we didn’t win but she did get to keep a colouring set from Cadbury’s including a pencil, a rubber and some chunky colouring pencils -which are perfect for little hands!   We had a great easter spending time with family and friends but also what a great start to the holidays thanks to Asda and their staff.


Many thanks! Thankyou for taking the time to read this, I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading my first blog post.

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It all starts here…


Well this is the point where our journey begins, after all everything has to start somewhere!

Thankyou to my amazing ♡Husband♡ for getting me going  x

Thankyou to my amazing friend ☆Hannah☆ for inspiring and harassing encouraging me  x

But as this is in danger of sounding like an award acceptance speech I will stop the press for now to faff with features, fiddle with fonts and have some fun!

I have to say that just like a rollercoaster, this is all very exciting and a little bit scarey. So feel free to join me and enjoy the riiiiiiiiide!









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